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Grave Digger Tours


Grave Digger Tours

Grave Digger Tours

The Great T Shirt Company is also the home of the Grave Digger Tours – Gettysburg’s premiere authentic historic walking tour.

Follow your guide through the back streets and alleys of Gettysburg – streets that saw Confederate soldiers force the Union to retreat from town on the first day of the three-day battle.

Learn how caring for the injured, burying the dead, and disposing of thousands of horse carcasses became an everyday task.

Meet the townswomen who rose to the challenges brought to Gettysburg by the fierce conflict.

All told through graphic eyewitness accounts, photographs, and displays.

Find out more about the tours – including times and prices – at the Grave Digger Tours website.

Have any questions? Ready to book a tour? Please contact us!

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Tours leave from The Great T Shirt Company:

The Great T Shirt Company
65 Steinwehr Avenue
Gettysburg, PA


We’re located in the historic area of Gettysburg:

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Metered parking is available along Steinwehr Avenue and nearby Baltimore Street.

You can also park directly behind our shop – and after 5 pm, free parking is available in the lot behind The Great T Shirt Company.